Serra Reid

I have worked in the field of mind/body/spirit health and healing for fifteen years. In 2008 was awarded the degree of Master’s of Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and was licensed in California as an Acupuncturist and Medical Herbalist. Additionally, I was awarded privilege to practice nationally as a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

As a primary care provider working from an integrative health care model, I use different medical strategies to assess and treat health imbalances. My passion is to deliver the cutting edge of modern medical care, uniting the wisdom and grace of ancient medical knowledge with technological breakthroughs of modern biomedicine. During my medical training, I had extensive coursework in Western biomedical diagnostics, pharmacology, and treatment strategies. I am comfortable communicating the effects and expected outcomes of acupuncture treatment with both patients and medical colleagues using scientifically validated concepts and biomedical language. I refer my patients when necessary to other practitioners or specialists to achieve optimum health outcomes.

My specialties are women’s health (PMDD, fibroids, irregular periods, perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms, pregnancy), and orthopedic or neurological pain syndromes. I also enjoy and have experience successfully treating a wide spectrum of complex cases, ranging from fibromyalgia to IBS to migraines and all variety of nerve disorders.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is prevention-based, yet also has the tools to treat acute or chronic disease. It is empowering to patients, encouraging them to take active part in staying well or getting better. As such, I regularly make simple dietary and nutritional suggestions that are easy to implement in our fast-paced society. It is important to me to develop a trusting relationship with my patients, so that together we can work to heal any imbalance or illness.

My professional background includes international experience working for the United Nations HIV/AIDS Response Unit, drafting public health policy and managing leadership development projects. I have made a personal commitment to help transform public health policy in the U.S., to make preventive health care, good nutrition, and mind/body/spirit wellness the focus of medical treatment, rather than the hyper-specialized “sick care” model currently in place.

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