Adrian Bean

Adrian is proficient in a variety of manual therapies in addition to acupuncture, including Visceral Manipulation, CranioSacral Therapy and deep tissue bodywork. His diverse and comprehensive training informs focused treatments that dismantle tension patterns and increase physical efficiency. His experience with traumatic injury, inflammation, and internal diseases enables him to maximize functionality while encouraging patients to be active in their recovery. As a Certified Chinese Herbalist, Adrian uses foods, herbs and supplements to optimize health and generate profound effects.

    Here are some work history details… 

  • Awarded BEST OF in San Diego for acupuncture centers in 2002-2003.
  • Conducted weekend training intensives for MD’s using EAV technology. Adrian worked to customize the curriculum with comprehensive treatment protocols. Also studied advanced dental protocols including amalgam removal and cavitation (3 years).
  • Co-designed an exceptional Electro-Acupuncture stimulator.
  • Lead workshops on managing chronic pain using breathing techniques and meditation.
  • Worked with James Mattioda R.Ph. at Arcana Pharmacy now at Scripps Integrative Medical Center. This experience expanded my understanding of integrating nutritional pharmacology, herbal medicines and homeopathy. For more, visit
  • Taught beginning Tai Chi Chuan (4 years).
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Se habla Espanol.
  • Functional understanding and experience with heavy metal detoxification, oxygen treatments, pleomorphism, dark-field microscopy, homotoxicology, pH modification, intestinal and liver cleansing, vibrational modalities, etc.
  • Undergraduate studies in Mathematics.
  • Extensive Eastern, Western, and Native American herbal studies including wildcrafting, and tincture formulations. Participated in mestizo, Aztec, Mayan, Yaqui, Zuni sweats.
  • Active in the ManKind Project San Diego, a community organization that leads trainings for Men. These trainings promote deep healing and provide men with the opportunity to release stored emotions that block life energy. This work has helped many, including myself, fulfill my potential and be myself. For more, visit

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