Living Stress Free

Stress effects us all, young and old. Stress can erode health on almost level and it certainly diminishes our quality of life. At The Healing Point, we employ many methods to help our clients reduce stress. Just walk in the door and you’ll feel what we mean. So many people comment that simply being here creates ease and peace.

If you are interested in learning skills that will help you manage your stress, consider any of the therapies we offer here at The Healing Point. An acupuncture session with Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction will align and integrate your bodymind. A massage or a facial will certainly provide a profound experience of well-being. Ted Kardash, our psychological therapist, is experienced with many Oriental meditation techniques and Tai Qi. CrainioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation are gentle osteopathic treatments that ease deep tensions held in the nervous system and the vital organs.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, or MBSR for short, incorporates meditation techniques and awareness exercises that help the practitioner become more aware or “mindful” of what is happening.

MBSR exercises can help you understand stress by feeling how stress is effecting your body at the present moment. When you are able to more fully experience your body in a stressed state, you are then able to apply that awareness and perspective to create other, more relaxed states of being. The key to releasing is awareness. Once you become conscious of something, you are then able to respond in a conscious way. Without awareness, our response is nothing more than reaction.

Sometimes there is work involved with being aware. It can require patience, gentleness, vigilance, and a willingness to be open. It often seems easier to remain with our chattering mind and ignore the many inputs from our vastly complex nervous system. Fortunately, even modest efforts to quiet the mind and broaden the awareness are promptly rewarded with an increased feeling of ease and well-being. Mindfulness also restores another valuable tool: our ability to choose. With training, we can notice our reactions as they are happening and then decide to act with clarity and conscious intention.

If we are able to openly accept what is occurring, and the state of our body at this moment, we generate loving-kindness and compassion. MBSR teaches invaluable tools that help many us integrate our emotions, our physical sensations, and our ability to choose. Living stress free is all about choosing to let go of physical and emotional stress any time it presents itself.

Acupuncture and MBSR

The combination of acupuncture and MBSR is very powerful. Acupuncture has the uncanny ability to balance the nervous system and induce very deep relaxation. When combined with guided imagery and mindfulness exercises, the results can be profound. Many patients have experienced transformative healing in their very first treatment. I use breathing techniques as the cornerstone and foundation of the treatment. For more, schedule a session and experience firsthand how these modalities weave together to create a deep sense of peace and internal clarity.

Acupuncture with MBSR is a wonderful way to work with both the body and the mind.
You will learn approaches to breathing that enable you to release deep tension and holding patterns. You will also have the opportunity to connect with your body in a kind and loving way, helping restore both personal integrity and self-esteem. MBSR acupuncture can also help you find and open your heart. Add CranioSacral Therapy and further explore deep relaxation and peace.

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