The Living Brain

It is truly amazing to think about the complexity of the nervous system and the brain….so many nerve signals responsible for all of the communication between our muscles, organs, and cells. The intricate workings of the brain process an immense amount of data from our senses, enabling our perception. By organizing all of the electrical signals from visual, auditory and kinesthetic sources we are able to map out the world before us. We then send signals (called motor signals) to special cells (called muscles) that shorten when stimulated with electricity. This is how we interact with our environment and consciously adapt to it. We have gained so much power from our advanced nervous system, we have learned how to dramatically change our environment. How fascinating it is to add the capacity for emotion, intuition, creating our moods, determining our thought processes, creativity, and higher mental functions. The nervous system regulates virtually every aspect of our mind and our body. Continue reading

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Systemic Enzymes and Inflammation

Systemic Enzymes Therapy is a cleansing approach that utilizes the catabolic power of enzymes to break up fibrin in the body. Fibrin is associated with blood clotting and is also prevalent in inflammatory states. Many diseases like arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and bowel problems are the result of long term inflammation. Diabetes and “metabolic disorder” (obesity) are now viewed as inflammatory diseases. Other conditions like fibromyalgia are directly related to inflammation which has many complications, including increased oxidative stress leading to dehydration and degeneration of tissue. Systemic enzymes “chew up” many inflammatory by-products and protect cells from damage. They also help mobilize thickened tissue like scar tissue, which forms when the body is damaged (bruised, strained, or cut). Continue reading

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Living Stress Free

Stress effects us all, young and old. Stress can erode health on almost level and it certainly diminishes our quality of life. At The Healing Point, we employ many methods to help our clients reduce stress. Just walk in the door and you’ll feel what we mean. So many people comment that simply being here creates ease and peace. Continue reading

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The Magic of Cupping Therapy By Serra Reid, LAc, Dipl.O.M.

Cupping is a very effective but under-utilized healing technique. It is quick and simple to administer (once you get the hang of it), promotes detoxification, invigorates qi and blood, clears wind/damp/cold/heat stagnation in local skin and muscle tissue, regulates various aspects of the autonomic nervous system…and patients usually enjoy the experience of tension melting away under warm cups! Continue reading

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Acupuncture and Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In 2010, it is estimated that 40, 230 deaths were caused by breast cancer (1). Here in San Diego County, there was an annual average of 1,955 new cases of breast cancer (from 2004-2008), second in the state only to Los Angeles county (annual average: 5,628) (2). We are fortunate in San Diego as the current trend indicates the number of deaths due to breast cancer have been falling in our county (according to 2007 numbers) (3), but research also suggests that breast cancer rates are not decreasing nationally (4). Proper screening for breast cancer and good health practices remain necessary for our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends to continue fighting this disease. Preventative medicine, such as acupuncture, is crucial in keeping ourselves healthy and ready to fight any disease, minor to severe. Continue reading

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